The patient experience, a lever for improving the health of caregivers.

This conference, led by Catherine Cornibert, Executive Director of SPS Docteur en pharmacie, and Bertrand Guidet, Chairman of the FHF Ethics Committee, Head of Department and Medical Representative at Saint Antoine Hospital, presented the results of a survey carried out by the FHF on the feelings of healthcare professionals.


This is a national survey addressed to hospital staff in public health, social and medico-social establishments affiliated to the FHF.

The survey is unique in that it covers all regions of the country, with over 10,040 responses, despite the complexity of the 90-question questionnaire.

All healthcare professional categories are equally represented, and as far as the gender breakdown of respondents is concerned, around 89% are women.

Survey results

Here are the main trends to emerge from the survey.

80% of respondents say they have a sense of pride in their work, and 91% a feeling of usefulness. But, paradoxically, 50% of staff do not tend to advise their trade.

Interestingly, nurses are the least likely to recommend their profession. Results also vary according to age category: 65% of professionals over 60 recommend their profession, as do 53% of 18-30 year-olds.

The figures also differ according to the type of facility: emergency departments have the lowest recommendation rate, with only 31% of people encouraging their work. What’s more, it’s worrying to note that two-thirds of emergency physicians are in a state of burn-out, testifying to a high level of professional exhaustion.

Stress at work

89% of respondents consider that their work generates stress

Determinants are

  • Lack of resources
  • Communication problems
  • Task breaks

This stress can sometimes lead to symptoms in personal life.

The attractiveness of the business

The consideration shown by superiors is therefore of paramount importance. Indeed, support and recognition from the hierarchy are decisive factors in making a profession attractive.

The SPS association

Its actions are based on two main missions:

Support: The association offers a national listening platform dedicated to healthcare professionals, accessible via a toll-free number and an app. This platform enables you to contact around 100 psychologists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every day, the association receives between 15 and 20 calls from healthcare professionals looking for support.

Prevention: The association organizes ” Journées d’Ateliers Dynamiques et d’Echanges en Santé”, workshops focusing on stress management, lifestyle and diet, in a more personalized way. These workshops cover topics such as physical activity, sleep and nutrition. They enable healthcare professionals to recharge their batteries and take care of themselves. It should be noted that many nurses suffer from lifestyle-related health problems.

In short, the SPS association works to support healthcare professionals by providing them with a listening platform, and to prevent health problems by offering workshops focusing on well-being and prevention.

At Moment Care, our digital entertainment and information platform also offers benefits for caregivers. In fact, it contains information about the healthcare facility in which the patient is staying, giving him or her greater autonomy and reducing the number of non-medical questions addressed to caregivers. Staff will be able to concentrate on their core business.


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