Clinique du Grand Avignon

As part of its commitment to making the patient experience in its establishment as pleasant as possible, the Clinique du Grand Avignon has chosen Moment Care to deploy its connected solution in its outpatient rooms.


Part of the Noalys group, the Clinique du Grand Avignon is an outpatient surgery center founded on human values, solidarity and commitment, offering its patients attentive listening and personalized care.

The clinic sees around 5,700 patients a year, and its 84.75% recommendation rate (I-SATIS) shows that patient satisfaction and experience are at the heart of its commitment. It was against this backdrop that the clinic chose Mint, our entertainment and information platform, to make the patient experience in its facility as pleasant as possible.


The Clinique du Grand Avignon has chosen Moment Care to equip its ambulatory areas with high-end tablets offering patients :

  • Access to a platform offering :
    • hundreds of video, audio, press and live TV entertainment content.
    • a communication area with simplified video, a digital blackboard and a translator.
    • an information space enabling the company to digitalize its communications.

"We chose the Mint solution because it's very easy to use, patients connect autonomously and the platform offers a wealth of content, not only in terms of entertainment, but also in terms of information about our facility."

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