Trenel Clinic

The Trenel clinic chose Moment Care and its Mint solution to meet its objective of premiumizing its offering.


At the end of 2022, the Trenel clinic was looking for a new partner to bring a premium entertainment solution to its patients. This need stems from two desires:

  • a desire to equip new areas (following the construction of a new wing of the facility, as well as existing ambulatory areas lacking screens) and to replace aging televisions in some rooms
  • a desire to premiumize its entertainment offering. In fact, the facility’s entertainment offering was limited to DTT channels and no longer met the needs of patients, who were used to having much more content at their fingertips.


After interviewing several market players, the Trenel clinic was convinced by Moment Care’s Mint solution because it met its objective of premiumizing its offering with :

  • Access to a platform offering :
    • an entertainment space with thousands of hours of audio, video and press content, plus access to live TV
    • a communication space with, for example, a simplified video link to keep in touch with the family
    • an information space enabling the establishment to digitalize its communications (including the welcome booklet)
  • Modern equipment: latest-generation 32-inch LG televisions (and 43-inch for VIP rooms) and Apple tablets, for a premium experience and greater visual comfort. The platform can also be accessed from patients’ own electronic devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet…) for a home-like experience!

"The experience of hospitalization has an impact on the patient. The Trénel clinic is committed to continually optimizing the patient experience with quality services to meet patients' needs and expectations. Moment Care was able to convince us with the values carried by the company, the quality as well as the modernity of the solutions proposed at the service of the patient. "

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