Moment Care enhances the patient experience at the Fontvert Elsan clinic

The Clinique Fontvert Elsan now has a connected solution dedicated to the entertainment and well-being of its patients during their stay.

Paris, March 29, 2022

Moment Care, an e-health player specializing in digital patient experience solutions, announces a partnership with the Fontvert Elsan clinic to deploy patient experience within the facility itself. It will provide its patients with tablets featuring Moment Care technology to optimize the patient experience and introduce a new approach to care.

A benchmark establishment in the Vaucluse thanks to the skills of its teams in orthopedics, ophthalmology, gastroenterology and maxillofacial surgery, as well as its advanced technologies and modern infrastructures, the Fontvert Elsan clinic wanted to strengthen its care pathway by integrating a solution designed to support patients and improve the quality of their hospitalization.

With 20,000 people to be cared for by 2021, the facility is particularly sensitive to patient comfort and the notion of positive hospitalization, in response to the concerns that a stay can represent, whether short or long, with factors such as loneliness and fear of pain. The Fontvert Elsan clinic therefore turned to Moment Care to implement an innovative, ergonomic solution that met the requirements of the private establishment, which initially wanted to equip 10 individual digestive endoscopy areas and 16 outpatient spaces, as well as the needs of patients.

Leveraging its digital services platform technology, Mint, Moment Care equipped the clinic with tablets featuring a personalized portal, including advanced and relevant services for patients who want to relax or get informed. This digital tool gives them access to services dedicated to accompanying them during their stay: an entertainment area featuring films, games and music playlists, as well as access to the major TV channels, a communication area to make a video call to a companion, an information area about the facility (reception, daily menus, practitioner contacts, translation assistance, etc.) and an area for exchanges with the clinic’s quality department.

“Patient satisfaction is a key factor in strengthening our reputation. By collaborating with Moment Care, we have been able to develop a digital experience that is similar to the one you might have at home, a reassuring landmark for patients, and one that guides them through the course of their stay,” explains Sofien Khachremi, the facility’s director. “We believe enormously in this connected device and its ability to change the perception of stays and impact patient engagement in the healing process.”

“We are very pleased to provide our connected e-health solution to the Fontvert Elsan clinic. We share with the establishment the same desire to support patients and provide them with the best experience for a successful care journey,” adds Julian Melero, Moment Care Sales Director. “The patient experience is a decisive lever in helping patients to feel less apprehensive about an examination or surgery. Our solution, capable of integrating numerous services and functionalities, is an interesting tool for keeping patients connected or in touch with their loved ones, and giving a place to the well-being dimension, which is not always obvious in healthcare establishments.”

About Moment Care

Moment Care is a new player in the e-health sector, developing solutions to reinvent patients’ daily lives in a rapidly changing healthcare world. Its mission: to accompany patients during their stay in a healthcare facility with entertainment, information and connectivity services. Launched in 2021 and a subsidiary of Moment, Moment Care is asserting its ambitions: to become the leader in digitizing the patient experience in Europe.

About Clinique Fontvert Elsan

As France’s leading private hospital provider in medicine, surgery and obstetrics, ELSAN is present in all areas of the hospital sector and in every region of France, offering high-quality, innovative and humane care to everyone, everywhere. As a major player in the healthcare sector, ELSAN is fully committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility. ELSAN now employs 28,000 people, and 7,500 self-employed doctors work in the group’s 137 facilities. They treat over two million patients a year. 2 out of 3 French people live less than 50 km from an ELSAN facility.


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