The patient experience, a key concept in the healthcare system

Patient experience refers to the perception of healthcare services by patients and those around them. It encompasses a wide range of criteria, such as quality of care, communication and relations with healthcare professionals, as well as the comfort of the infrastructure. The notion of patient experience is becoming increasingly popular, and many projects aim to improve it.

Why include patient experience in your hospital strategy?

Ensuring a positive patient experience is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can lead to better health outcomes. Patients who feel satisfied with their care are more likely to follow treatment plans, take their medication as prescribed and return for follow-up appointments.
According to the 2017 Deloitte survey, The readmission rate of a patient 30 days after hospitalization is lower for establishments with an “excellent” score in terms of patient experience.
In addition, it can improve the establishment’s reputation and e-reputation. A good experience for patients can build loyalty and encourage them to make recommendations by word of mouth or via a positive review on the Internet.

What elements contribute to a positive patient experience?

Several key elements contribute to a positive patient experience. One of the most important is effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals. The aim is not only to exchange information, but also to actively listen to patients’ concerns.

At the Patient Experience, Empathy and Innovation Summit, a resilience training program was set up to provide healthcare professionals with the keys to managing patient relationships. The results showed that patient satisfaction increased significantly after each training session.

Another important factor is the comfort of the infrastructure. These include infrastructure amenities such as furniture, cleanliness, design and the integration of new technologies. They can be used to access medical information, communicate with caregivers and relatives, or access entertainment content during waiting and convalescence periods. All these elements are key factors in promoting a positive experience and reducing feelings of anxiety or stress during a nursing home stay.

The patient experience must enable us to rethink the approach to care for both caregivers and patients. In addition to improving patient care, there are now tools such as new technologies to support healthcare establishments in their transformation and enhance the experience of their patients.


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