Moment Care digitalizes the patient experience at the Trénel clinic and strengthens its presence in France

Moment Care’s solutions have been adopted by several healthcare establishments in Guadeloupe and Vaucluse, and are now being rolled out in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with the Trénel clinic set to benefit from Mint solutions for patient entertainment in early 2023.

Paris, January 23, 2023

Moment Care, a French e-health player specializing in digital patient experience solutions, announces a partnership with the Trénel clinic. This independent private hospital, committed to continuous improvement in the quality of care and patient care, has chosen Moment Care as its technology partner to equip patients’ rooms with high-end entertainment systems, giving them access to a variety of content during their stay.

Built on a 13,900m2 site, the Trénel clinic now has a capacity of 116 beds, including 48 outpatient beds. This modern, human-scale facility has long been recognized for its high level of expertise, combined with a wide range of medical centers covering 32 specialties. Currently welcoming 16,000 patients a year, the hospital is constantly expanding its capacity to better meet the surgical needs of the Vienne region and southern Lyon.

Because of its history, status and values, the Trénel clinic is attentive to how its patients feel during their hospitalization, and takes their comments particularly seriously to better understand the impact and needs of each individual. This approach to improving the experience is an integral part of the clinic’s innovation strategy, which aims to use advanced technologies to optimize patient satisfaction.

Against this backdrop, the Trénel clinic chose to deploy an in-room patient entertainment system capable of offering solutions that are as design-led as they are content-rich.

It was able to count on the support of Santé Cité, a cooperative group of independent healthcare establishments, and its partner Wilco, a startup incubator specialized in e-health, to identify the player who would accompany it in this process. The choice of Moment Care, incubated at Wilco, confirmed the company’s ability to provide high-quality hardware combined with a high-performance range of connected entertainment and information portal solutions – Mint.

The deployment phase of the patient entertainment solution dedicated to the Trénel clinic is scheduled for early 2023. Mint will be available on the clinic’s tablet and TV platforms. Moment Care supplies IPad tablets, as well as the latest generation of LG TV sets. These premium electronic devices will be connected directly to the Mint Tab and Mint TV solutions, giving patients intuitive access to tailored entertainment content (TV channels, selection of films and series, press, etc.). All patients will also be able to connect to the clinic’s entertainment portal from their own connected device via Mint Digital. Thanks to the complementary Mint Manager centralized management functionality, clinic teams will be able to manage all portal services directly and with complete agility.

“The experience of hospitalization has an impact on the patient. The Trénel clinic is committed to continuously optimizing the patient experience with quality services to adapt to patients’ expectations and needs,” explains Bruno Masson, Director and President of the FHP Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. “Recommended by Sodexo Santé, with whom we worked on the quality of the clinic’s catering services, Moment Care convinced us of the company’s values and the quality and modernity of the solutions it offered in the service of patients.”

“Moment Care is looking forward to collaborating with the Trénel Clinic, a healthcare facility recognized for its strong commitment to a more positive patient experience,” relates Tanguy Morel, co-founder and CEO of Moment Care “Mint’s technological plurality has enabled us to cover all multimedia channels and guarantee all the clinic’s patients access to the digital portal, while the richness of our content catalog has enabled us to offer a tailored and attractive program package.”

About Moment Care

Moment Care is a new player in the e-health sector, developing solutions to reinvent patients’ daily lives in a rapidly changing healthcare world. Its mission: to support patients during their stay in a healthcare facility with entertainment, information and connectivity services. Launched in 2021 and a subsidiary of Moment, Moment Care is asserting its ambitions: to become the leader in digitizing the patient experience in Europe.

About Clinique Trénel

In 1917, Doctor Louis TRÉNEL acquired a middle-class house from which he created the clinic, which opened its doors on March 19, 1919. Over the course of a year, the clinic performs over 13,000 surgical procedures, 2,500 endoscopic procedures in the operating theatre, 2,600 chemotherapies and over 4,000 procedures (gastroscopies, cystoscopies, minor surgical procedures) in the outpatient department. It welcomes around 16,000 new patients a year.


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