9 companies to meet about the patient experience at SantExpo

From May 23 to 25 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, the SantExpo trade show will be the not-to-be-missed annual event for the healthcare and medical-social sectors.

SantExpo is the essential healthcare trade show, bringing together all decision-makers and healthcare professionals involved in the management, administration, digitalization, care pathways, patient experience, equipment, materials, construction and transformation of healthcare establishments.

Since the COVID-19 crisis, the patient experience has once again become a major concern, prompting healthcare establishments to pay more attention to it.

For this event, we have listed the 9 companies to meet on the theme of patient experience at SantExpo.

Cashlee is an application that makes it easy to create and send a payment link to patients in less than 30 seconds. Patients can receive the link by SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or scan it directly via a QR Code. They are then redirected to their banking area to validate their payment.

It’s a practical application not only for the healthcare establishment, but also for the patient, who can pay in just a few clicks from his or her smartphone.

Meet them at the Start-up Village

Masana offers a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary solution that brings together various care organizations to optimize the coordination and monitoring of elderly and/or chronically ill people in their own homes.

Their solution includes several functionalities such as the manual or automatic taking of vital parameters via various integrated certified connected medical devices, teleconsultation enabling a visual exchange with care providers, and a notebook for optimal communication between the beneficiary and his or her providers.

Meet them at stand P55

Happytal transforms the experience of patients and residents, streamlining their journeys while improving the operation of facilities. It combines the best of human and digital resources to support patients and residents throughout their journey.

In particular, it offers a physical and online concierge service for patients and residents during their stay in a healthcare facility: requesting a single room, ordering in-room services and more.

Meet them at stand K42

The Yooli portal is the digital solution that allows patients to be guided by professionals through their medical journey : from online administrative procedures to post-operative follow-up and complete management of RAAC (Improved Recovery After Surgery) programs.

Yooli has put itself in the patient’s shoes to anticipate all questions related to the stages of hospitalization (before, during and after). The patient is therefore at the heart of the design process.

Meet them at stand L64

CAREANIMATIONS improves patients’ quality of life by making drug information easy to access and understand for everyone.

It helps pharmacies provide personalized, ongoing support to all patients, including those with limited health knowledge and poor digital skills.

Their solution provides patients with tailored, easy-to-understand information in video and animated pictograms, toimprove treatment adherence and autonomy.

Meet them at stand SU02 in the Start-up Village

Emobot is a device for the detection and continuous monitoring of mood disorders such as depression, and anxiety disorders, thanks to continuous AI analysis of emotions.

It analyzes patients’ facial features and can detect and alert relatives and/or medical staff to behavioral disruptions.

An emotional diary, in which the person’s mood is represented by three colors, is made available to medical staff in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics, or in the hands of caregivers at home, so that they can compare, trace and measure the emotional effects of events, activities or therapies.

Meet them at the Start-up Village

JABI is an ergonomic and stimulating application for seniors, designed to prevent age-related neuro-cognitive disorders and promote healthy aging.

Based on its scientific method, JABI develops features such as stimulating games, an easy-to-use communication space and a monitoring tool enabling seniors to maintain, monitor and improve their cognitive health (memory, reasoning, etc.).

The application also makes it easy to navigate their digital tool, thanks to an adapted interface designed in collaboration with occupational therapists and neuropsychologists.

Meet them at the Village Bien-être Animation

The Music Care application is a pioneering non-medicinal digital solution for managing pain through music . It is based on an algorithm that enables pain, stress and sleep disorders to be reduced and better managed through music.

During its development, Music Care took into account the latest recommendations described in the scientific literature in the field of music and neuroscience. It modulates sound parameters (pitch, intensity, timbre, duration, volume) and synchronizes heart and respiratory frequencies to the appropriate rhythm of the music. Patients can monitor their pain and stress levels during use.

Meet them at the Village Bien-être Animation

Finally, the company you absolutely must meet is us! Indeed, at Moment Care we have Mint, the patient entertainment and information solution for healthcare facilities.

This platform is available in multi-screen mode (from connected TVs to patients’ smartphones, tablets or computers), covering all care paths: inpatient or outpatient.

The Mint platform enhances the patient experience and improves the quality of working life for healthcare staff by focusing on their core business.

Visit us at stand I65 or make an appointment with Marion Simon, our sales manager.


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