SantExpo 2023 Innovation Awards

At SantExpo 2023, we attended the fifth edition of the SantExpo Innovation Awards, presented on May 24.

This year, two categories were given pride of place: solutions that improve patient care or support patients and/or caregivers in their care, and solutions designed for healthcare professionals.

The Teemeo solution, developed by Kiwee. care, won the SantExpo 2023 Innovation Award in the “Solutions for patients” category. Teemeo is a solution dedicated to the management of medical receivables, helping to reduce payment delays and unpaid patient bills in healthcare establishments. The solution enhances the patient experience by simplifying the act of online payment and providing effective human assistance, via secure messaging, in the event of difficulty.

The winner in the “Solutions for healthcare professionals” category was HOPIA, a solution for automated management of doctors’ and nurses’ schedules using artificial intelligence. As well as having an intuitive, 100% online interface, the application is also efficient, reducing the time spent managing schedules by up to 95%.

Last but not least, POSOS won the trophy awarded by the jury for the most promising innovation. POSOS is a solution that speeds up and secures prescriptions in healthcare establishments. It saves 1 to 5 minutes per patient at admission by automatically transcribing paper prescriptions into a care software program in a structured way, and identifies relevant and priority medication risks.

At Moment Care, our solution is aimed at both patients and healthcare professionals. In fact, our #Mint entertainment and information platform has been designed to make patients’ stays more pleasant and improve the quality of working life for nursing staff. To find out more and/or book a demo, click on the button below.


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