Moment Care improves patient experience at the Rhône Durance clinic

After an initial successful deployment at the Elsan group’s FontVert clinic, Moment Care is now installing its connected solution for entertainment, information and communication at the Rhône Durance clinic, part of the same group.

Paris, January 23, 2023

Moment Care, an e-health player specializing in digital patient experience solutions, has been chosen by the Rhône Durance clinic to integrate its Mint solution within the healthcare establishment.

With a team of 200 healthcare professionals and 11,600 patients a year, the Avignon facility ranks among the best in France. In particular, it ranks 5th nationally for prostate adenoma treatment, and 10th for pacemakers. The Rhône Durance clinic wanted to strengthen its care pathway by integrating innovative solutions to support patients and improve the quality of their hospital stay.

With overall patient satisfaction already standing at 75%, the establishment is committed to and particularly sensitive to patient comfort and the notion of positive hospitalization. The Rhône Durance clinic continues its commitment by integrating Moment Care’s solution.

Mint Tab, Moment Care’s Ipad-based entertainment, information and communication solution, will be freely accessible from the clinic’s 19 outpatient rooms. The tablets feature a personalized portal giving access to various services dedicated to supporting patients during their stay:

  • An entertainment area featuring films, series, documentaries, newspapers and magazines, as well as games.
  • A communication space to make video calls to a carer or relative, or to communicate more easily with the help of a translator.
  • An area providing information about the facility (reception, daily menus, practitioner contacts, health news, etc.).

“We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our patients. Having been able to measure the impact of the solution on patient satisfaction during an initial deployment at the FontVert clinic, I’m delighted to be integrating it at the Rhône Durance clinic. Sofien Khachremithe plant manager. “Designed and easy to use, the platform will enable patients to relax in the often stressful context of hospitalization, with a solution that comes close to the comfort we have at home.”

“Building on the success of our solution at the FontVert clinic, we are proud to be collaborating with another of the group’s clinics, the Rhône Durance clinic, to enhance the patient experience with our tailor-made platform.” relate Tanguy Morel, co-founder and CEO of Moment Care “Our solution, will reinforce the clinic’s positive commitment to the well-being of its nursing staff and patients.”

About Moment Care

Moment Care is a new player in the e-health sector, developing solutions to reinvent patients’ daily lives in a rapidly changing healthcare world.
Its mission: to support patients during their stay in a healthcare facility with entertainment, information and connectivity services.
Launched in 2021 and a subsidiary of Moment, Moment Care is asserting its ambitions: to become the leader in digitizing the patient experience in Europe.

About Clinique Rhône Durance

The Rhône Durance clinic is a private medical-surgical center of excellence with some 50 practitioners and a team of 200 people.
It has 110 hospital beds, 1 intensive cardiology monitoring unit, 13 outpatient places and a technical platform with 8 intervention rooms.


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