Moment Care deploys its digital solution at the Grand Avignon clinic

As part of its commitment to making the patient experience in its establishment as pleasant as possible, the Clinique du Grand Avignon has chosen Moment Care to deploy its connected solution in its outpatient rooms.

Paris, August 29, 2023

Moment Care, an e-healthcare player specializing in digital patient experience solutions, announces a collaboration with the Clinique du Grand Avignon, which aims to provide a premium service to its patients by deploying the Mint solution within its establishment. The clinic chose the Tab solution, available on Ipad, to equip its outpatient rooms with 14 tablets, to offer its patients a content-rich entertainment and information platform. This new service guarantees patients an experience as close to home as possible.

Part of the Noalys group, the Clinique du Grand Avignon is an outpatient surgery center founded on human values, solidarity and commitment, offering its patients attentive listening and personalized care. The clinic’s 35 practitioners are divided into 12 specialties, including pediatrics, ENT, cosmetic surgery and dermatology. It is also the first establishment to have specialized in outpatient medical and surgical care for over 17 years.

The clinic sees around 5,700 patients a year, and its 84.75% recommendation rate (I-SATIS) shows that patient satisfaction and experience are at the heart of its commitment. In addition, the facility participates in the collection of various national indicators defined by the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) for all public and private healthcare establishments in France, enabling improvements in the quality and safety of care to be monitored over time.

Moment Care equipped the clinic with tablets featuring a personalized portal, including an entertainment area with movies, games and music playlists, as well as access to major TV channels, a translator with over 53 languages available, and a facility information area.

“We want to be committed to our patients in order to maintain a high-quality, local offering. This collaboration with Moment Care enables us to offer a complete digital package in our outpatient rooms, making our patients’ stay more pleasant and soothing. By mobilizing the attention it requires, this solution complements the diversion strategy already in place at the clinic, and rounds out the non-medical tools available to healthcare professionals,” explains Perrine Bisbal, Director of the Clinique du Grand Avignon. “We chose the Mint solution because it’s very easy to use, patients connect autonomously and the platform offers a wealth of content, not only in terms of entertainment, but also in terms of information about our facility.”

“We’re delighted and proud to be able to deploy our solution at the Clinique du Grand Avignon, which already considers patient experience to be a major issue in its establishment. Our Mint solution will enable them to continue along this path and allow their patients to be more connected and relax thanks to our entertainment-rich catalog,” says Tanguy Morel, co-founder and CEO of Moment Care.

About Moment Care

Moment Care is a new player in the e-health sector, developing solutions to reinvent patients’ daily lives in a rapidly changing healthcare world.
Its mission: to support patients during their stay in a healthcare facility with entertainment, information and connectivity services.
Launched in 2021 and a subsidiary of Moment, Moment Care is asserting its ambitions: to become the leader in digitizing the patient experience in Europe.

About Clinique du Grand Avignon

The Clinique du Grand Avignon is an ambulatory surgery center that cares for around 5,700 patients a year thanks to its 35 practitioners dedicated to making the patient experience as pleasant as possible, benefiting from all the innovations in ambulatory surgery.


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Moment Care deploys its digital solution at the Grand Avignon clinic

Moment Care deploys its digital solution at the Grand Avignon clinic

As part of its commitment to making the patient experience in its establishment as pleasant as possible, the Clinique du

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